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Original authentic girth belts

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    Re: Original authentic girth belts

    Guessing still no belts then?

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    Re: Original authentic girth belts

    You can find mohair girth belts quite easily at most tack and feed shops, normally for around $20 or so.

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    Re: Original authentic girth belts

    You could just look a couple of threads down at E2k13's girth belt link....

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    Re: Original authentic girth belts

    If anyone would like to see pictures/price of the custom-fitted girthbelt that we make,pm us.............genuine only,please,and anyone looking for an argument can go elsewhere....not interested,ok?
    Total accuracy is not our aim,making a good fett costume is.........
    Simple as that........
    Understand that we are not obsessed with making the definitive fett........just a good replica of the costume.............our time is taken up mostly with making greek and roman armour for the costume hire industry now,but we still make custom fett items,mostly to private clients.
    We still have about 50 of the belts in stock,ready to be custom fitted,so if you would like to see the belt finished,just pm us.
    My dad has let me kind of "take over" things for a while,as i'm deferring my 1st year in college,and dad's still pretty sick from his latest operation,so it's business as usual,so to speak.

    And just FYI,we have never sold anything on this site as far as I know,our business is mostly to ppl not members of tdh,but clients sourced elsewhere.
    I know my dad has given away on the tdh site parts of items to ppl that need a part,or have lost parts,(and paid for the postage too,with no thanks or even a thankyou very much).....but selling here?'s not a big part of our business at all.....

    I am the Fett fan here,NOT my willya give the old man a break?


    pm me(Jake)for girth belt info,ok?

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    Re: Original authentic girth belts

    pm's seem not to be gettin to us,so email us at jonjets_@hotmai
    the gap is intentional........thanx.....

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    Re: Original authentic girth belts

    I would also be interested.
    Whats the price?
    Is it the rotj or esb Girth?
    Send some photos to
    Last edited by Loanstar; Feb 15, 2011 at 1:47 AM.

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    Re: Original authentic girth belts

    Due to un-expected demand,and requests for photo's,I will be posting the best pix i could take,and a total custom-fitted/shipped price,on-line over the next 2-3 days.
    I was going to take this year off university,but i am doing part-time study,so please be patient,please?
    The "old man" isn't interested in doing fett's anymore(mostly due to bad-mannered ppl on this site)but,I will be converting the girth belts to custom size,as he showed me how it's done(and,NO.there will be NO tutorial on this.............

    Thanx all.......
    Jake THE Snake

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    Re: Original authentic girth belts

    All interested parties please see the latest (fettsupplies)thread in 'soft parts'.
    I have FINALLY got pics and price.
    Sorry for the delay,thanx,Jake.

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    Re: Original authentic girth belts

    A DUD Fettcicle....hahahahahahahaha.........nice one,nice one,like it..........
    Your DUD is almost finished being re-sewn and goes in the mail tomorrow morning..................I hope the guys that ARE recieving one of these belts will be more than happy with a vintage(30+ years old stock)custom fitted belt.
    In fact,these custom fitted belts will now be officially known as 'DUD'S'.
    Thankyou for the suggestion Shawn.
    Jeez,what developed into quite a nasty thread just gave both of us the biggest laugh we've had in ages.............lololololoolololol.

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