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Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread

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    Merged: My scratch built EE-3 blaster

    I won this in as part of an eBay auction from a TDH member:

    It was made out of a toy handgun and some PVC pipe and whatnot. Only the scope was real. It was a good start but it was a little front-heavy, so I decided to put a little more work into it (I spent about $12 in all) to get it ready for Halloween. It now looks like this:

    I'm not saying it's going to win any awards or anything. And I'm sure as heck not saying that it's screen accurate -- the greeblies and blaster blocks are made out of Lego after all. But I just posted it to show that you can achieve half decent results (if I say so myself) without having to spend a ton of money.

    I'm still completely miffed at myself for selling the incredible blaster I made from a Spidey kit, but I'm hoping to hear back from someone about an MLC blaster. In the meantime this makes a half decent placeholder.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share.


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    Merged: Re: My scratch built EE-3 blaster

    nice, but i have a question, and nobody seemed to be able to respond. What is the best way to connect the stock to the gun? What did you use? Besides going to a blacksmith and having him cut out a piece of metal that fits, I can't think of a durable cheap way to do it.. help me!

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    Merged: Re: My scratch built EE-3 blaster of used a clipboard. See, I was scrounging around the house for something rigid but that I could cut with a jigsaw. I found this old rigid plastic clipboard in the closet, traced the shape on and cut it.


    I wouldn't recommend this as the "best" way to do it, but at a cost of $0 is certainly fulfills the "cheap" portion of your mandate.


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    Merged: Re: My scratch built EE-3 blaster

    Oh yea! Outlaw is written all over it!

    Aesthetic wise - it is as awesome as it is bold!

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    Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread


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    Re: <B>Merged:</B> My scratch built EE-3 blaster

    Here is my scratch-built...

    Another shot...

    Let me know what you think. It is for the White Fett.


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    Re: Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread

    I know that part of this thread is REALLY old and I'm sorry if this was covered elsewhere. I searched but didn't find anything so, again, sorry if this is a repost. Does anyone have the templates for that sintra blaster? The links don't work. I found his website and tried emailing him but haven't had any response in several weeks.


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    Re: Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread

    Sorry about that. I have been busy lately. I will gather them up and send them to.

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    Merged: EDIT: Scratch-built *PICS* Measurements needed.

    Ok, here it is. A few things that I know need reworking, the scope mounts: made my own, they're WAY too large. Where can i get some MATE-N-LOKs? anyone got an exact catalog link? The other problem is the length of the PVC barrel, I'll need to chop a few inches off of that.

    The handle/stock connection is secure, but it doesnt look too great. has anyone come up with a good, cheap way to replicate this?

    as always, spare no criticism.

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    Merged: Re: Scratch-built *PICS* almost done, opinions needed.

    Big, Honkin, Webley! Man, that is big. I know a guy that plans to make an aluminum brace for use between the pistol grip and stock. What was your pistol base gun?

    That blaster is great as-is after you shrink the scope mount. What is the chrome tube? Is it one of those chrome-plated plumber's P-trap extenders? How did you cut it and add holes???



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    Merged: Re: Scratch-built *PICS* almost done, opinions needed.

    Thanks man.

    The chrome tube is actually a flash-gun tube, the same model that was used on the film-prop. I got lucky on this one, I've got a buddy that owns a used camera store.

    The pistol base was a marksman airguns .357 replica which I found to work out nicely. If your friend is making a brace, I am sure I can find a way to attatch one of his to the pistol grip on mine. With a dremel and some epoxy, the possibilities are endless!

    shoot me a PM regarding your friend making the brace.

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    Merged: Re: Scratch-built *PICS* almost done, opinions needed.

    Can someone provide me with some measurments off their Webley or kit? I need the actual barrel length (starting with the trigger guard). And seperately: the length of chrome barrel projection.

    any info helps, thanks.

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    Merged: Re: EDIT: Scratch-built *PICS* Measurements needed.

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    Merged: Re: EDIT: Scratch-built *PICS* Measurements needed.

    maybe this will help, save the pic and blow it up to see the measuring tape, if not then remember each square on the floor is 4 1/2 inches

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    Re: Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread

    Hi all.

    Been working on this one since March thanks to the great info I found here at TDH.
    It all scratch built from Plexiglass, ABS and wood.

    The scope is a Webley with a BSA front bell attached to it, the Molex plugs from steveday (thanks bud!) and the killer stock greebs from Omega_man.
    I need to darken the barrel and chamber some more and add the sling, but otherwise she's done.

    I've got the V8 connector rods and fender washers all prepped up and ready to mount, but I'm really on the fence about adding them. About half the shots I've seen show it not having them, so I'm still debating.

    You guys are the pros on this sucker, so all critiques and suggestions are welcome!


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    Re: Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread

    Here's a link to my half made blaster. It seemed to be a cursed project for me but there are some tips that may help others. TR

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    Re: Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread

    My first attempt at uploading photos to TDH.... I'm new to TDH, although I've been reading the posts since September 2004 and building a Fett costume. I'll have the gloves done (the last piece of the puzzle) done in a day or two.

    Attached is are two photos of my home made blaster.
    Construction is:
    Rifle butt: scrap chunk of 2x6 pine
    Pistol piece: scrap piece of 1x6 pine
    Barrel: 2 inch dia PVC, 14 inches long
    Barrel cooling fins: 1/4 square, ripped from 1/4 aircraft plywood
    scope: 5/8" dowel rod
    "metal connection" between the butt and the pistol handle: 1/4 aircraft ply
    Painted in flat black, little bit of grey primer, and silver paint for damage.

    Total cost: $6 for paint, everything else was in my scrap bin in the garage
    Total time to build: about three hours, including waiting for the paint to dry.

    Sure, it's no Webley... but I think it does the job well enough.
    -GhostRider 505
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails doug_blaster-jpg   doug_blaster_detail-jpg  

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    Re: Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread

    hello, this are the pictures of my scratch took me a month to built it, and I think it look very nice..........what you think?
    it`s made with a western rifle(the scope and the Rifle butt) a western pistol(the trigger) pvc pipes(various sizes), wood, acrilic plastic, and putty......the weapons parts are cheap toys(2 and 3 each) and the rest its common scratch........THE MOST EXPENSIVE ITEM WAS THE PAINT!!!!!
    to make it believable is weighted with hard putty in the inside.....
    hope you find usefull...........
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    Re: Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread

    Heres my Scratch Built EE-3, still gotta put the t-track for slidding doors. Someone remind me to take the $1.00 sign off the scope.
    Someone remind me to get a sling and to cut the barrel off a few inches as well...and a better stock.

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    Re: <B>Merged:</B> Re: Any 'How To' Fett Rifle Instructions???

    Migrate from As You Wish said:
    mykull, I just spent a couple of months working on mine so I will see what I can come up with as far as a tutorial. It is definetly a project that can be accomplished but be prepaired to put in a lot of hours to make it look like the real thing. You will also need a variety of tools. I used a lathe, drill press, belt sander, hand sander, hand saw, router and a ton of elbow greese.

    Here are some pics:
    very nice....look better than my resin ee3

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    Re: Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread

    Here is some pics of my scratch built blaster
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    Re: Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread

    That looks pretty sweet. What did you build it out of?

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    Re: Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread

    pgh that blaster is sweet. I am preparing to try and build one. I have an old 1851 Navy colt replica that is beat and worn. I think it will be a good base. Will have to keep reading all these nice techniques to get me started.

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    Re: Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread

    Hey everyone,
    I found some pics from when I was putting my ROTJ blaster together. As I got close to getting it finished, I forgot to take pics ...sorry. I took the pics of it done today. It's been done for a while now. I know the front scope mount is in the wrong spot, but other than that.......what do you think ?

    Edit: Crap, the pics are out of order. :o
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    100_0431-jpg   100_0435-jpg   100_0441-jpg  

    100_0447-jpg   100_0446-jpg   100_0616-jpg  


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    Re: Official Scratch Built Blasters Thread

    PSB, what toy gun did you use for the body of your blaster? It looks great! I'd like to pick one of those up.



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