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Official Jet Pack Stabilizer

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    *************OFFICIAL********JET PACK STABILIZER

    post pics and info here

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    Re: Official Jet Pack Stabilizer

    Here’s a fun project. It’s hardware JP Stabilizer that’s mostly metal. This only took a couple of hours and the results were better than I thought they would be.

    I used: 1 Exacto Knife Handle, 2 Metal Washers (ones Exacto will fit through), Super Glue, Hacksaw, Vice, Masking Tape, Epoxy Putty, Chrome Tape, Metal File, Model Putty, Sandpaper, Silver Paint.

    First dissected the handle into its 3 main pieces. Then I put the Exacto handle into a vice and sawed the tip off. There was a nice grove already on the handle so that’s where I made the cut and it zipped right off with my hacksaw.

    Next I cut the notched tip into the smaller part to resemble the real stabilizer tip.
    Then I cut through the thread on the threaded pin piece.
    When I finished cutting I filed all the pieces some to get them even.

    I screwed the threaded pin back into the handle and put the notched tip part I cut out down around it.
    Then I filled the tip with epoxy putty. Once it dried I filed and sanded it down smooth and painted the top with silver paint.

    Next I took the 2 washers and superglued them together. The edges didn’t quite line up well so I filed them down a bit and then filled the edge with model putty. Then I sanded the edge down. I finished the edge with a piece of chrome tape.

    Then I wrapped masking tape around the handle several times to create a base to lay my washers onto. I fixed the washers down to the tape and handle with super glue.

    And that’s it…
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    Re: Official Jet Pack Stabilizer

    Wow thats a awesome job

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    Re: Official Jet Pack Stabilizer

    nice job rednave, that turned out really well!

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