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Official Jet Pack Greeblies

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    Merged: Re: To GREEBLIES, or not to GREEBLIES...that is the question...

    Mine all came from our local Radio Shack or electronics store, they are just various electronic connectors and switchs.

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    Official Jet Pack Greeblies

    Post pics and info here please

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    Re: Official Jet Pack Greeblies

    ANYONE WILLING TO HELP HERE???? I have the 2 XLR connectors installed already but need to know what the 3 other little buttons are and none on the photos on this thread work anymore! Can anyone tell me what parts they used from RS? Photos might help us out too.

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    Re: Official Jet Pack Greeblies

    If I were to go off of the photos shown here in the thread, I personally would use these switches -

    As for the switch on the far right, it's probably another push button switch, possibly a mini but has a metal cap instead of plastic like the other two. Like I said, these are my thoughts and could be way off base here. Hope this helps.


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    Re: Official Jet Pack Greeblies

    Did anyone find out if there were any on the ESB version yet?

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    Re: Official Jet Pack Greeblies

    what is everyone using for the trim at the top of the ESB and jango that goes across. It looks studded? its across the top but doesn't go over the flat bar thing. what is it and where can I get some?

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