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Official Homemade Boots Thread

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    Merged: Re: My Homemade Boots *PICS + TUTORIAL*

    Excellent!! :-)
    The sole design actually made the boots look "meaner" - very well done!


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    Merged: Re: My Homemade Boots *PICS + TUTORIAL*

    Thanks guys. The boots are GBX and I got them in a thrift store for $10. The pair with the squarer toe are Kenneth Coles - found on ebay for about $15.

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    <B>Merged:</B> MMM's Custom (what else?) Boots

    Here they are. Unashamedly, I'll start by saying the soles were from a pair of women's sandals I picked up at WalMart. I completely removed everything but the sole.

    On these soles, I sewed a one-piece upper, to create a high-topped shoe. To this, I sewed a piece like this _/ with velcro attached to the sides to create an "openable" tapered tube. So, to this kneee-high boot of canvas, I sewed strips of split leather in shingle fashion. I like the effect, and also use these with my Tusken outfit. The velcro opening runs nearly the entire length of the boot at the rear.

    The top one is with flash, the bottom is without. These have been weathered heavily in darkish brown.

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    Merged: Re: MMM's Custom (what else?) Boots

    Quite... custom. Look more like tusken boots than Mandalorian boots, though.

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    Merged: Re: MMM's Custom (what else?) Boots

    Perhaps I haven't been to the parts of Planet Mandalore that you have to see what a typical pair of shoes looks like.

    Anyway, custom means custom. This is what I wanted, this is what I made. Didn't know there were any rules to the whole "custom" thing. How are yours coming along?

    Besides, this is what Mandalorian cowboys wear. You just need to get out of the city.

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    Merged: Re: MMM's Custom (what else?) Boots

    lol... You just have been doing custom paint (and gun) until now, you didn't change your armor, did you? Anyway, just can't imagine such footwear going with Mandalorian armor, but I'll have to see some pics of you wearing them. All of the boots I've seen have been on Concord Dawn, I haven't been to Mandalore itself before.

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    Merged: Re: MMM's Custom (what else?) Boots

    You guys truly rock! I'll say it again; I'm just doing this because I'm such a cheap skate. If not, I'd be buying-up the good stuff from our board artists. When I'm done, I'll be lucky if I look like the Jed Clampett of Fetts.

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    <B>Merged:</B> Re: Homemade Boots

    Here are the latest pics, painted sole then added metal hardware....

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    Merged: Re: Homemade Boots

    Those look great Fpoato, but how did you fill in the sole to make it even? Did you cut off the heel?

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    Merged: Re: Homemade Boots

    Thanks for the compliments!

    I used a belt sander and took off heel, sanded sole till shoe looked like it was flat, and the sides of the rubber sole were rounded and i sanded that flat aswell. These boots
    i bought at a Canadian Walmart for &#36;19.00 canadian new!

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    Merged: Re: Found similar boots

    I've seen jet-ski, water sports and wind-surfing boots that are very similar too. Kinda makes ya wonder doesn't it?

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    Merged: Re: Found similar boots

    It does indeed.

    I've tried many searches on the words "canvas ankle boots" looking for what the original boot might have been. The searches led mostly to boots used for boating and hiking.

    Turns out the ones pictures above are described as "dinghy boots".

    If they have a square-ish toe it's looks like it might be a suitable boot with a little modifying. They're not canvas. But since MC boots don't seem to grow on trees, the rest of us have to find something to wear.

    Keep us posted Neil!


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    Merged: Re: Found similar boots

    For about &#36;50 (US) per pair, those aren't that bad of an option for those of you who don't have a pair of Boba boots. Although they aren't screen accurate, they arent't that bad (the first pair anyway). All you'd have to do is add the toe plate and spikes.

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    <B>Merged:</B> Re: Found similar boots

    Interesting find!
    Here's a couple more:

    The soles and main shape seems very simillar except for the square toes.on many of these..

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    Merged: Re: Found similar boots

    The dinghy boots dont look bad at all, specially for a custom mandalore and the price is great too.

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    Merged: Fett Boots - how do I search?

    I had heard that Walmart used to sell a decent base boot that could be converted. I need some names to help me in my Ebay searches for base boots. Any help would be great!

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    Merged: Re: Fett Boots - how do I search?

    "Wallabee" style boots, look for that. There are alot of this style of shoe out there, and they usually have a sharp side sole, and some even have a real square toe to 'em. Good luck!

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    Merged: Re: Fett Boots - how do I search?

    This may sound daft, but try using a slipper as a base boot..very cheap, flat sole, usually elasticated. I'm building a pair at the moment and they are looking good.

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    Merged: Re: Fett Boots - how do I search?

    I saw some "Boot Rubbers" that slip on over shoes/boots at wal-mart that could be painted to be accurate. They were located near the "Water-proofing" sprays.


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    Re: <B>Merged:</B> Homemade Boots

    Look at these. The soles are off, but just start cutting...

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    Re: <B>Merged:</B> Homemade Boots

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    Re: <B>Merged:</B> Homemade Boots

    I am buying these...

    &#36;14 Dollars! Hey Chris, will paint stick to these? Rubber. LMK. John Link below to site...

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    Re: <B>Merged:</B> Homemade Boots

    Only size 5 though you must have small fett.

    get it?

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    Re: <B>Merged:</B> Homemade Boots

    Umm, yeah. Oh well, I am trying. You know what they say about small! <-- I bet you thought I was going to be dirty. I am going to Wal-Mart now and buy some nighty slippers! May the Fetts be with us...Always!

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