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    First off I would like to thank anyone in advance that reads my posts and responds.
    This year I have decided to pursue a Boba Fett costume. I would like this to be as close to movie accurate as possible (Boba Fett ESB). I am not sure why but I really prefer the ESB version opposed to ROTJ. That said, when looking for parts to start my journey (wow they are expensive) I have narrowed it down to a few options. At first it all seemed overwhelming but now itís just fun and I got a bug. I found these listings on Ebay and I wanted to get your opinions on them. They seem like they are a really good deal but because looks can be deceiving I wanted to get a few other eyes on these just to help me make the decision. Bobamaker and FettPride have crazy quality as far as their molds go so I was wondering, am I better off forking over high amounts of cash on a top quality product or could I just take my time to prep these items (clean, trim, primer, etc) They really are rough around the edges literally and figuratively. Being new to this, assuming this is obviously how all gauntlets looking fresh off the press do I need to just clean and sand them to get the nice clean flats and lines of a Fett Pride quality piece? Or are these just crap?
    I do not want to buy something, put effort into it, find I donít like it and go back to the drawing board. I really donít want to regret my first purchase. Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    In Short:

    Do these molds look good for the price or am I getting what I am paying for? With a little bit of love are these a good deal?

    Helmet and Gauntlet Set
    Total Price: $196.00
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    The opinion is going to be to skip most eBay listings. For those, you are getting what you are paying for. There are horror stories on those particular gauntlets, and I think the helmet is a poor recast. Get your helmet from Animefan -he casts quality - and then move on to RKD for gaunts later on. You will regret going cheap.
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    "My feelings served me well"...

    Does anime fan have a website? I'm really wanting to dive right in. Am I going to have to wait a year? I read a few posts about Fettpride taking a while.

    So no to ebay? There are a few listing on ebay now marked FP. Are those just knock offs?
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    Thanks cbrant,
    Yes avoid ebay for helmets, there is only bad knock offs. Here is the link to my budget helmets. I think is just what you are looking for.
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    Just PM animefan right on this forum. Great quality and price. I don't know what his turnaround is, but check with him yourself

    A big NO to eBay unless ordering from Man of War Studios. FP helmets on eBay are generally recasts unless they are being sold by members here...but we usually post in our own cargo hold first. I don't know many that actually make it to eBay.
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    Bouncing off of Deathproof, the only people on eBay worth a look are Man of War (MOW) and Molon Labe Studios (MLS). MLS is on here as well and is extremely helpful.

    Animefan, you're very welcome. I have seen a lot of people very happy with their purchases from you, so you are worth recommending.
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    Yup, I almost made the same mistake. Thankfully I found this place

    There really isn't anything you need that cannot be found here, and it will be of utmost quality. The exception to TDH presence is Man of War studios, and Mojo Skywalker. He is MojoFett here, but doesn't really come here and is easier to contact through eBay. Both those guys are awesome. I have not yet dealt with MLS, but I am very new to this as well.

    The caveat(s) is that you may be waiting a while before getting an actual part and it may be more $. It depends on your priorities, I guess- quality and accuracy vs quick, cheap (price and quality) and not so accurate.
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    Noooooooooooooooo, bought those gaunts same fella i reakon, absolute disgrace. Whe asked for a refund as they were clearly garbage he boogied faster than Travolta in his day....
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    Those gauntlets are horrible. Good thing you came here first! I can't blame the recasters for not offering refunds.
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    3 Weeks Ago - Jan 9, 2015, 10:45 PM - Re: Noob Help #10

    Screen accurate and eBay are not synonymous. From my own costume building experience and being in the 501st you should not buy from eBay unless it is from a reputable vendor here that also sells on eBay. This is an expensive hobby if you want to screen accurate.
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    Everyone, thank you so much for your help. I am pretty excited and just shot my payment over to AnimeFan. The Journey begins.
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    Excellent! Let us know how you like it. I would love to pick up one of his premium kits someday.

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