Newbie-ESB Armor Color

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    Newbie-ESB Armor Color

    Hi All,

    I have been reading the boards and making my first set of armor. I have found these boards to be amazingly helpful. I have read through the posts and been unable to locate information regarding what green is used in the ESB armor. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Newbie-ESB Armor Color

    Well first and foremost.....Hello and wecome to the board. You should really make it a point to introduce yourself in the general information section when you get a chance. There are many amongst us that I'm sure would love to greet another fett head.

    Now, with that being said, let me move on to your question. I have recently painted my armor and used a color known as "US med green", which is an airbrush paint put out by Pollyscale. If you don't own an airbrush, then I would be at a loss for what color to by as far as spray can paint would be concerned, but let me say that I am very pleased with the outcome of the Pollyscale paints. Check out this thread to get a listing of the paints, and more info pertaining to this topic.

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    Re: Newbie-ESB Armor Color

    Thanks for the info. I will check out those paints. I will post some more information about myself on the general boards

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Newbie-ESB Armor Color

    Hey no problem, happy I could help out. I think if you choose to go that route you will be very happy with the results. I know I was extremly pleased. See you on the boards.

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