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New MoW Gear in 2013

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    Re: New MoW Gear in 2013

    interested in some items, does mow have a direct email?

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    Re: New MoW Gear in 2013

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    Re: New MoW Gear in 2013

    He's an awesome dude to work with too. You do have to be patient as his turn around time is usually a couple months for items. That said I got Gaunts and the JP from him and they are worth every penny.

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    Re: New MoW Gear in 2013

    I've also had great dealings with Christian. Very professional, great products and a reputable seller.

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    Re: New MoW Gear in 2013

    I deal with him all the time doing commissions and my current Jetpack is a MOW. i get jetpacks and/or gauntlets within a month for my commissions..very fast turn around, and excellent products. I would recommend him to anyone.

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    Re: New MoW Gear in 2013

    Very reliable and dependable seller! Would highly recommend Christian to anyone looking for soft/hard items.

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