new member boba costume questions

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    new member boba costume questions

    ever since i saw boba fett for the first time in ESB back in the early 80s i knew he would always be my fav star wars character. recently i decided i would invest in a full suit and hopefully become a member of the 501st. my question is is it "frowned apon" to have a ESB ROTJ mixed suit? and seeing as though i'm saving to buy a ready made suit what are your opinions with bobamakers fett costume replicas?
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    Re: new member boba costume questions

    There is an ESB/ROTJ mixed suit that is movie accurate: the ROTJ SE suit which consist in the ESB Hero helmet and some ROTJ Hero, ROTJ Stunt and at least two Pre-Pro #2 parts.

    Bobamaker's stuff is very good, he is one of the best craftsmans here, but if you want to buy a full suit from him, I think you will have to wait a very long time, because doing a full suit is very time consuming.
    There are other alternatives, but this means you have to hunt for the best makers of a specific part of the suit and then to find others to paint it for you. The helmet should definitely be the GMH made by fettpride and the rest of the parts you will have to check out the Cargo Hold (after you became a full member) or each forum under the Boba Fett name.

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    Re: new member boba costume questions

    Bobamakers stuff is very good stuff....i like the helmet its looking attractive..I think helmet is fine no need to change in it.

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