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    Aug 1, 2010, 3:44 PM - Need Opinions on a Boba Bust #1

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong area, but wanted some thoughts..

    I really wish I could make up my mind. Iíd like a Boba Fett bust but Iím not sure the route to take. I currently have a Sgt. Fang helmet being painted by a good friend so I know itís in good hands, dropped it off with him back in December. Then in February, Sideshow announces their life size bust, so I ordered one. I like the upper chest display of it as well as the base of the pedestal. I did notice that the helmet was a bit pinched but figured it would be fixed.

    Fast forward to SDCC 2010. The bust on display has an even worse pinch. Someone on one of the boards I go to says they asked about it and were told that that is cast from the actual helmet in itís current state and was not fixed for the con. Hell, if you canít fix it for the con, are you even going to fix the production piece? It has me concerned.
    So I drop here to TDH to look around like I do every few months and come across Fettprideís new armor info. That seems pretty cool and reasonably priced. I do have the skills to paint the armor. The only reason I gave my helmet to a friend was I could not for the life of me get the **** paint templates to fit for me.

    So Iíve been thinking, can someone here give me a name for someone who could estimate the price for a flak vest and half a jumpsuit? Iím coming to the conclusion that the $800 for the SS Bust could be better used to get an upper mannequin torso shipped for about $135 Then Fettpridesí armor, a flak vest and jumpsuit from a good source and I should some out a hellova lot cheaper than the SS bust that appears as though they canít take time to at least do a prototype right.

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