Need help with syntra knees

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    Need help with syntra knees

    Im making my syntra knees and they are struggling. I did a search and couldnt find anything about how to make some. If someone could fill me in on what u did that would be great. I dont need help on how to make the blaster of the "F" piece, just the main shape of it and how to mold it. Thanks.

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    Re: Need help with syntra knees

    hope this helps:

    first i made a pattern out of cardboard.then i traced it over the sintra.then i boiled the sintra to the consistensy of a wet noodle.i have noticed if you dont heat the sintra well enough, when you bend it you will get ripples.i had a 3 1/2" diameter plexiglass tube left over from my jet pack and layed the knee over the tube to get the curve.the curve came out uniform and that did the trick could most likely use anything thats tubular to bend the curve.perhaps a mailing tube would suffice.good luck!!!

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    Re: Need help with syntra knees

    OK cool...i had bent it around my knee and there were uneven areas. I will use the tube like you said. That helped a lot, thanks buddy!

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    Re: Need help with syntra knees

    no pics of your results

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    Re: Need help with syntra knees

    if anything, try using a spray can.

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    Re: Need help with syntra knees

    I just got finished making my knee armor out if sintra. I used the boil in water method and I molded it over a piece of heavy cardboard tube that I had used in part of my backpack. The "F" piece I cut out separately and super glued it on. Then I used bondo and squadron green putty to fill in any joints that were visible. The dart side made out of scrap pieces of sintra and glued it on and shaped them with bondo. I used the Mandalore armor blueprints I found on the Boba Fett Fan club web site. I modified them a little bit because they didn't seem to be correct to me.

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    Re: Need help with syntra knees

    hey thanks man, im almost wrapping up my knee pieces. Im going to repaint them, i got some paint drippage going on.

    I did use the mandalorian blueprints, they worked great, just what i needed. In a few weeks my Fett will be done, ill have some pics up.

    Thanks for the help buddy!

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