Need flight suit advice...

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    Need flight suit advice...

    Hi I'm looking into Arkady's flight suits and I'm having trouble deciding which colour to get. I'm going for the ROTJ look, but I'm not sure what color to get.

    In the visual dictionary and movie screen grab it looks blue-grey to me. The swatches I've seen offered for ROTJ are a tan-khaki. I know there's a color difference between the two movie, but to me the ROTJ look like faded blue... So is it a blue ESB suit I want????????

    I'm very confused after read a few posts on TDH.

    Hope someone can help.

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    Re: Need flight suit advice...

    The ESB suit is a darker blue. The ROTJ suit is supposed to be faded. As if the blue dye from the ESB faded after filming. What did Arkady say? I have their flightsuit from a few years ago and it was a grayish ROTJ color I had to dye Blue.

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    Re: Need flight suit advice...

    The one I have from LSFU looked tan when I got it, but misting it with black paint to weather it made it look grey like I was looking for.

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    Re: Need flight suit advice...

    I just thought I'd add the colors of the fabric that I currently have:
    This is outside in sunshine:

    This is inside, natural lighting:

    Hope it helps

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    Re: Need flight suit advice...

    Thanks Arkady.
    These photos help. Thank you for posting them.

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