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    May 29, 2006, 12:16 AM - Need To Find A Reputable Armor Maker: #1

    I've been looking around for a great and affordable set of mostly Jango armor-fiberglass armor as I'm not into the Sintra/Sentra, however it's actually spelled...I have found at least one person to work with me on creating my variant but they don't make fiberglass or otherwise heavy duty leg armor, both front and rear as I want a more full body armor type look. So I'm on the search for someone who will work with me as I may have to buy the parts a bit at a time. I'm going to start at the legs, then knee's, wrist gauntlets, by then hopefully I'll have my vest done and I can start on my chest/back armor, then biceps armor, finishing with a new fiberglass helmet with all the toys. That's my game plan. Since I've never done this before, perhaps some of you more experienced folks could advise me if that's a sound plan or?

    Anyway, should any of you either make fiberglass Mando armor as a business or whatever, or you know of credible companies or individuals who make heavy duty armor, please PM me with any urls and point me to someone who can help me out with this so I can get started on my armor asap...I did happen to find a set of clone trooper back of the hand armor plates that I think I'm going to try and adapt so they can be worn with gauntlets. It should look pretty cool once I get them shaped the way I like them. So at least I can say I'm started on my armor. I would certainly appreciate any help on this matter as I really want to get started soon, even if it is a little at a time-so thank you very much in advance...

    Dha Syntir

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    May 29, 2006, 9:51 PM - Re: Need To Find A Reputable Armor Maker: #2

    how heavy duty mine is metal?
  4. cal196's Avatar
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    May 30, 2006, 5:22 AM - Re: Need To Find A Reputable Armor Maker: #3

    This is the man your looking for

    I dont know his availability though
  5. Dha Syntir's Avatar
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    May 31, 2006, 4:58 AM - Re: Need To Find A Reputable Armor Maker: #4

    Yep Skirata, metal would certainly be considered heavy metal, quite literally...I think I read about someone using aluminum for their armor but have yet to see a set-perhaps those who do would post some photos for curiosities sake.

    And thank you very much for the heads up on that link Cal. I'll have to look through and check on his availability...

    Dha Syntir

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