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    Oct 26, 2007, 2:24 PM - NEED ESB gauntlet greeblies !!! #1

    Hi guys,

    One of these days I'll receive my ESB guantlets, and well, I really need help finding some ACCURATE greeblies for them...So far, I have no greeblies (only the alum. darts), and well, I cant find any of them in Canary Islands (where I live).

    I would really appreciate if anyone coul dhelp me with this...

    I'm searching:

    1.- REAL or metal copy Dental Expander
    2.- accurate switches (those rotatory ones.. not simply toggle) There is some amazing pics of these in the new pics from CIV (I attach it, if DarthMiller doesnt mind)
    3.- correct push buttons
    4.- Accurate hose

    Has anyone iddentified the "leds" (red/clear) of the right gauntlet ??? are standard leds, or some other kind ?? (looks big to my eyes) any input here ? If you have pics of yours, I'd love to see them.

    I think those are all the greeblies ? arent they ??

    Well, any help with these would be really really appreciated !!!

    Thanks guys !

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