My ROTJ \'\'wookie scalps not easy\'\' PICS..

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    My ROTJ ''wookie scalps not easy'' PICS..

    It has been a while since I've been trying to complete my ROTJ armor. ''Upgradings not easy''.
    I am sooooo trying to finish this outfit once and for all. It seems like everytime it feels like its coming closer to be finished it truly isn't. Anyway this week I decided to add on the wookie braids to my vest. First of all I braided the synthetic hair I found and the results were not too great. I need a better texture of hair. Secondly the layout of the braids are confusing as we all know.I'm dissapointed at my results. So I must try again and do a better set of these braids next time. Like I said upgrading is a must till you get it looking right.

    Here are the pics:

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    Re: My ROTJ ''wookie scalps not easy'' PICS..

    I dunno man...they aren't too bad. Looks like you really did a great job of braiding them...just didn't have the right texture of hair. I feel your pain. I think I found the correct colors for my ESB, but the hair is so coarse, that it bushes out in huge clumps (kinda like your braids seem to do) When you finally find the right texture of hair in the right colors though, you should be able to make a dang good set with your braiding skills

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    Re: My ROTJ ''wookie scalps not easy'' PICS..

    JK.... I just have a few more tweaks here and their to make them look better.Yeah I guess these braids will do for now. As time goes buy I will upgrade them. I just want that movie accuracy version.

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