My Rattlecan FettPride Gauntlets

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    My Rattlecan FettPride Gauntlets

    Okay guys, don't be too hard on me. It's my first time to do something like this and I am an engineer, not a painter or artist. Also, I was not going for a strictly movie accurate version. I used the reference pictures as a guide and then just had some fun with it. Thanks to Slave1Pilot and Stoormtrooper Guy. I used both of your tutorials extensively. Also, thanks Chris for your help through the PMs. You're all Legends in my book. :thumbup:thumbup

    I installed a working laser in the left gauntlet nozzle housing. It is triggered by the toggle switch as opposed to the momentary switches. I fabricated some internal brackets for the laser housing so that the bottom panel could be removed easily to access electronics (mostly for battery changes). The rocket is an FP rocket too. I can't believe how realistic it came out using Nathan's tutorial.

    Anyway, I think it looks good for a first timer. What do you guys think?
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    Re: My Rattlecan FettPride Gauntlets

    Awesome job!

    Well done brother!

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    Re: My Rattlecan FettPride Gauntlets

    Wow good weathering
    nice gaunt's

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    Re: My Rattlecan FettPride Gauntlets

    You're kidding me right ? First time ? You painted these better than I painted my own Holy cow man, I gotta say that the weathering and detail looks closer to the exhibit photos than I think I've ever seen ???? Seriously. Fantastic is about all I can say

    Uhm, you painting a helmet anytime soon ?? You're going to raise the bar if this is any indication


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    Re: My Rattlecan FettPride Gauntlets

    Dude? That is CRAZY ??

    Right down to the proper "chipping" ?

    I think we have a new painter in the house


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    Re: My Rattlecan FettPride Gauntlets

    Thanks Chris. You are too kind. I'm just glad the feedback so far as been positive. I'm looking forward to seeing the new bucket, although painting of that caliber is probably best saved for the pros (Slave1Pilot, Wickerbeard, etc). I wouldn't even know how to start an airbrush. Gaunts are probably at my limit because they are essentially one color painted over a base metallic color (with some primer in between). If you can use latex mask, you can make the gaunts. Just used the Floquil Grimy Black to weather. And off course some Scotch-Brite pad for the to rocket.
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    Re: My Rattlecan FettPride Gauntlets

    Those are absolutely, 100% Fantastic! Best Gaunt paintjob I've seen. My hats off to you man.

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    Re: My Rattlecan FettPride Gauntlets

    awesome work mate, can some one put the link down for the painting tutorials?

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    Re: My Rattlecan FettPride Gauntlets

    Stormtrooper Guy Tutorial (used for selection of rattlecan colors and masking technique - latex liquid mask for big bits and non-missile chipping and used a silver paint marker to do specs and tiny scars)
    Note: I used a black primer instead of flat black paint as the base for the Claret Wine coat. This helps with adhension to the Sterling Silver base spray. Also used Floquil Grimy Black for dusting overspray to weather.

    Slave1Pilot Tutorial for Ganutlets (used this for subtle weathering, switches, and particularly the missile:

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    Re: My Rattlecan FettPride Gauntlets

    First off bro, thanks for the mention, and second...those look fantastic, and very realistic which makes me all warm and fuzzy especially love the missile.
    Seriously awesome job my man!!!

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    Re: My Rattlecan FettPride Gauntlets

    Excellent job, man! Looks like TDH may have another painter in it's midst.

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    Re: My Rattlecan FettPride Gauntlets

    Dude, those are absolutely beautiful looking. All that with spray cans? Great job.

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    Re: My Rattlecan FettPride Gauntlets

    Thank you..... yep, just spray cans and liquid latex. Seems I've done at least one part right. I can only imagine how ****** they would have looked without TDH tutorials. Great little community here.

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