My old Fett

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    My old Fett

    This was the Boba Fett costume I built in the days before the internet, when Topp's bubble gum cards and old magazines were all that was available for reference. All the armor was made by fiber-glassing cardboard molds. Shortly after this photo was taken, I bought a Don Post helmet because I thought it was made from an original prop. I no longer have this costume, but I am several years into a total rebuild. Sadly these great looking defunct granite crushers have been moved.
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    Now this is awesome. I love seeing Fett's from "back in the day". Quite a suit you made especially when you think about your limited references.

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    Re: My old Fett

    Not bad at all! I too enjoy seeing pics of the various Fett's that were out there before the internet. Yours is a million times better than what I attempted; I'm still trying to track down all my old pics to destroy
    Looking forward to seeing your upgrade!

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    Great backdrop! This is a really cool photo.

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