My Jumpsuit progress

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    My Jumpsuit progress

    Hey kids,

    first off I want to thank skygunbro on his amazing jumpsuit, its probably the best suit money can buy.I finally got around to weathering it today and I'm just looking for a little constructive criticism.

    I started off by covering a good portion of the suit with fuller's earth clay powder, after applying the powder I "beat it" into the fabric with a sock. This gave the fabric a nice distressed look.

    I then sprinkled some charcoal dust in the seams of legs and arms. After this I covered the suit with another layer of earth powder.

    Now to really make it look used and beaten and misted it with a flat balck spray paint. I kinda screwed up a couple of areas and, instead of a mist I got a big black splotch. But I think I could get away with it.

    After misting the legs and arms and added more powder, and promptly beat it into the fabric. Below you'll find the end result. Let me know what you guys think.



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    Re: My Jumpsuit progress

    Looks good. The seams will naturally get dirtier as time goes by.

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    Re: My Jumpsuit progress

    Citizen_Snips said: View Post

    fuller's earth clay powder

    Where can I find this? Will this wash off? Thanx.

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    Re: My Jumpsuit progress

    TampaFett said: View Post
    Where can I find this? Will this wash off? Thanx.
    I picked up a one pound bag off of e-bay, It's nothing more than dirt so I'm pretty sure it would wash off. Hope that helps.

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