My First Try at Armor

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    My First Try at Armor

    Hey everybody-
    Trying my first attempt at building my own armor. I'm starting with the bucket first and I'm only in the design/template making phase, but I was curious if anyone has any suggestions on materials. I'm on a budget and I do not have a time table for completion, but I'm a stickler for details and quality is important to me. I'm not oppose to any certain method, but would like to build as much of it on my own as possible. I'm very much a novice so I have my work cut out for me. Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.

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    Re: My First Try at Armor

    Look for the RafelFett templates (and tutorial). They are more accurate than WOF. Look at large styrene for sale signs as a start. If I were to do another helmet on a budget, I would use the ball helmet method. Good luck.

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