My first paint job, back armor pic's

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    My first paint job, back armor pic's

    OK I know its not all that great but for the first time to try something like this I'm happy with what I got out of it. I tryed it on my back plate b/c there will be a JP on and no ones going to see it. Any ways I use a Rust Oleum satin spruce green #7737(Lowes), Krylon Farm & Implement John Deere Yellow #1816(HI/LO) and Rust Oleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish aluminum #7715 (Lowes) I was just wondering if any thinks the yellow is a little bright. I'm thinking it is but I still haven't weathered it any or put a clear coat on it yet. I used this petroleum jelly idea ive seen around here. know the pic's arnt all that clear but you get the idea. Any input would be nice,good or bad.

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    Re: My first paint job, back armor pic's

    Looks good, though I am no Boba expert.

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    Re: My first paint job, back armor pic's

    looks good, but, i would just do 1 thing to make it look a little bit more worn...dim down the yellow, and silver. take some oil paints or something like it, and lightly with a spunge, just get it a shade of black, grey, and maybe brown. don't put too much, but, just a tad on it. i used some foam from a craft store...the stuff that are in sofa cusions. try this on some other materials and practice before doing this. i have had a bad experience just going for it. good luck, and want to see more pics later!!!

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    Re: My first paint job, back armor pic's

    Awesome....maybe it was the flash on your digital camera- - -

    but the yellow looked kinda garrish - - -I could be wrong though - - -

    because once again, it could be the flash on your camera.

    If that is not the case then I would suggest dimming out the yellow

    with some light songe strokes of black (not solid black) but make

    it look a bit dirtier...Thats my opinion.

    Aside from that, you craftsmanship is superior. I am very impressed with

    your work.

    Feel free to post more pics through out your Fett Journey and completion

    of this suit!

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