My Finished Gauntlets

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    My Finished Gaunts

    I was never happy with the paint job that the SFP Gauntlets have, so I repainted them, added the light, etc. The rocket and darts are machined aluminium, I bondo'd over the switches on the right gaunt and the hose attachment area on the left. Changed the flamethrower nozzels to something better.

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    Re: My Finished Gaunts

    Nice paint job. What are the darts on the right gaunt? They look like drill bits.

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    Re: My Finished Gaunts

    Thats the way they came. They are FAR from accurate, I know, but they will do until I get new ones. All I know about them is they are all the same size and are machined. They look different sizes because when I removed the, I chunked the gaunt and had to glue them back in and some of the glue/bondo collected inside the holes, giving them the un-even-ness.

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    Re: My Finished Gaunts

    Ball point pen tip are cheap and look half decent for darts.

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