My Fett Costume

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    My Fett Costume

    Hey all,

    I've finally finished my Boba Fett costume, with an epicly large thank you to The Dented Helmet community for all of the invaluable help and resources.

    The first things you all should know are the things I decided on before I began the costume, and these are:
    1. The costume is to be instantly recognizable first, screen accurate second.
    2. The helmet is the most important part, and has to be as accurate as possible.
    3. The ammo belt absolutely must be functional.
    I also wanted to do it within a $500 budget, which I accomplished (with around $13 to spare), and I only had 3 weeks (starting after I received the Mystery Helmet from SgtFang) to do it, as I wanted it ready for Halloween.

    Here I will cost it out for you:
    • 5 sheets of Matboard = $50
    • Helmet (SgtFang Mystery) = $155
    • Visor = $8
    • Stalk = $20
    • Vest = $40
    • Flightsuit = $30
    • Decals (Shoulder and Armor) = $10
    • Boots = $40
    • Cape = $20
    • Gloves = $10
    • Paint = $8
    • Velcro = $15
    • Various Nuts and Bolts = $30
    • Ammo Belt = $50
    I also attached my TDH red patch to the flightsuit, so hopefully I got some advertising in on Halloween Please have a look at attachments for photographs and let me know what you think!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails helmet-off-jpg   fett-leeloo-jpg  
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    Re: My Fett Costume

    Additionally, that's my lovely girlfriend Chantal who dressed up as Leeloo from the Fifth Element for Halloween. We originally intended to make her suspenders out of silicone, but ran out of time (and patience)

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    Re: My Fett Costume

    Lookin' good man! Grats!!!
    Ain't it a great feeling?!

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    Re: My Fett Costume

    Change the wookiebraids and the cape´s position and you´re good to go. They are mirrored.

    Nice suit so far bro!

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