my completed esb jet pack

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    my completed esb rocketpack

    Hi all

    Just finished my mow v2 esb jet pack!

    Painted the main body panzer olive grun, the maroon is rock island maroon, the yellow is mix of yellow zinc chromate and up armor, the silver is chrome, the black is both grimy black and flat black, and the red is rlm 23.

    All layered with an airbrush, and topically brush painted (and finger painted!).

    The light up beacon was from an ancient bkbt run. Decal by lucksy. Hooks by madmartigan. Harness by fettdad.

    Thanks everybody! I'm almost done!!!

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    Re: my completed esb rocketpack

    All I can say is WOW!! That must have taken a lot of work... It most defiantly payed off though. I like the light, its a very nice touch. Its a grand Piece of Art!

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