My Budget ROTJ Armor

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    My Budget ROTJ Armor

    This is my budget ROTJ armor. I cut it out of sintra and formed the pieces using the boiling water technique and molded them against my packing tape body form. THe back piece i had to use a hair dryer cuz it was a little too big to boil . I used rattle cans to paint the base and used model paint to do the weathering and the chest emblem by hand. I still have to finish the weathering. I know its not 100% accurate, but for my first try at a boba costume i am happy with how its coming together.
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    Re: My Budget ROTJ Armor

    looking good so far bud! But might i sugest trying the cod piece again, what i did to get it to keep its shape was score the lines with an exacto knife where it starts to slope so it would stay flat in the center. Looking forward to seeing it finished!

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