My Boba PrePro composit pic

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    My Boba PrePro composit pic

    Hi all. I have a photographer friend who calls on me to model for her on occasion. She has displayed her works at DragonCon for many years, and has won several awards for her work. Her name is Fox, if you want some incredible pics done!

    This pic is from her recent DC show, I had to wait until after the show to share it. It's my PrePro Boba (WIP) taken at a local Bamboo forrest. It was a perfect setting! Simply, I posed in various spots, and she combined all the pics. I think it turned out uber-cool! So, here you go.
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    Re: My Boba PrePro composit pic

    An awesome picture! Man, I love the pre-pro Fett so much. Your costume looks great!

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