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    May 1, 2011, 7:21 AM - My Boba Fett ROTJ EE-3 Blaster scratch & budget build #1

    Years ago (1992) my father helped me build one of my first real props, a ROTJ Boba Fett blaster.


    It was very accurate by my standards and with the pre internet reference photos. Over the years I had always wanted to fix the innaccuracies, but it is too sentimental for me because he no longer is able to really make things. So I set about building from scratch a new ROTJ blaster. The entire thing cost undre $40.

    So I had a crosman 357 that I used for my ESB blaster. Then I found out it was a common base for fett guns. I bought another on an buyer on a online gun auction site who repairs airguns. I got it for $15 as it was non firing but was not going to be shooting anything.

    The first (and most time consuming step) was to cut down the cylinder on the sides that looks like where the bullets go. I had worked this out on my ESB build


    Next I removed the handle from one side and placed a large wooden rod in the cavity of the co2 container. It was held in by a generous amount of apoxie and sanded flat. This would give the stalk arm something to screw into.


    The barrel is just 2 sizes of pvc pipe sanded down inside to fit together. The tip of the barrel is a funnel cut down with a smaller pvc pipe with it front sanded down at an angle to fit inside the funnel to give the look of a barrel.


    The stalk was sanded down from a large piece of scrap wood bought at mendards for $1.50

    The stalk arm was cut from some plexiglass using WOF's templates

    More pics to come
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    May 1, 2011, 7:50 AM - Re: My Boba Fett ROTJ EE-3 Blaster scratch & budget build #2

    So far so good! I can't wait to see this finished like your other blaster.
  4. May 2, 2011, 3:26 AM - Re: My Boba Fett ROTJ EE-3 Blaster scratch & budget build #3

    That's a fine start you have made there, Really nice work on the stock.
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    Jun 3, 2016, 3:03 PM - Re: My Boba Fett ROTJ EE-3 Blaster scratch & budget build #4

    Really old thread, but thank you!!! This is exactly what I was looking for ))

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