My 30 day Fett Odyssey

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    My 30 day Fett Odyssey

    Well I am the father of a very enthusiastic youth...a 6 year old, who is all about Boba Fett.
    So what is a dad to do...I decided to try my hand at building him a suit.

    I discovered this site on December 31st 2009, and spent the next couple weeks cruising the posts for ideas, tips and inspiration. (Wow!)

    January 15th -I decided to start with a cardboard helmet (thanks wizardofflight). this took about 4 days (nights after work). Still need a range finder.

    I was feeling pretty stoked at this time...

    Next came the suit and (strene)

    Jet-pack- opted to use the inflatable...after all he is just 6.

    Looking back it is kinda blurry, At times things came easy, and at other times horribly wrong..

    I didn't quite make my goal of doing the build in 30 days...still need a few items, studs and boot spats.

    Now the boy is campaigning to have the whole family in a Star Wars costume for Halloween..
    Dad- Chewy
    Mom- Stormtrooper
    Big Sis- Solo in Carbonite
    only 257 days until Halloween...Lord help me!

    I would like to thank all of you here. There is no-way I could of pulled this off without you or this site!
    Hat's Off to TDH!!!!
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    Re: My 30 day Fett Odyssey

    Nice job. Well done! If you want to go the extra mile, you're missing wookie scalps (can be made out of doll hair. they go over the right shoulder), gloves, a range finder, and shin tools. also, the cape should only be hanging on the left shoulder by one corner. But it looks great and I'm glad he likes it!

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    Re: My 30 day Fett Odyssey

    Thanks TJDFett...
    I will keep working on it.

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    Re: My 30 day Fett Odyssey

    Awesome! Lucky lil dude you got there

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    Re: My 30 day Fett Odyssey

    Also, a guy here on the site named "cruzer" makes excellent and accurate kids gauntlets for like $50.

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    Re: My 30 day Fett Odyssey

    Thanks fellows!

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    Re: My 30 day Fett Odyssey

    what a great dad. great costume/

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