MR Replica Blaster?

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    MR Replica Blaster?

    What are you guys' opinion on these?

    Are the worth the money or should I go with a kit?

    Also, is there anyone in the US that offers ROTJ blasters? If not, is it possible to accurately mod an ESB blaster?

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    Re: MR Replica Blaster?

    Sidewinder makes great kits... I think the MR's are too heavy for trooping, for some.

    but who am I to say what is heavy... I troop with my Bronze cast Wembley

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    Re: MR Replica Blaster?

    I have a hyperfirm and love it!!! A little spendy, but the best thing to troop with. The whole things is rubber with a metal armature inside.

    BTY, Sidewinder does make a dang fine blaster as well. His are cast out resin I believe and look great too. You just have to be more carefull as to not break it.

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