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MOW Preproduction Gauntlets

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    Re: MOW Preproduction Gauntlets


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    Re: MOW Preproduction Gauntlets

    That is beautiful! You need to bring these back!

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    Re: MOW Preproduction Gauntlets

    They look great!

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    Re: MOW Preproduction Gauntlets

    Yo Christian, how man people do you need to get the wheels back on this project? There's clearly a good amount of people interested in these. If you have even one set laying around, I'd happily take it off your hands in a FLASH, no joke.

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    Re: MOW Preproduction Gauntlets

    I'm sourcing components for a friend's PP2 Boba project, and your gaunts are the best I've seen so far, hands down. He'd totally be a "interested pending cost", but I'm planning to strongly urge him to take the plunge.


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