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    Nov 10, 2010, 1:31 PM - MoW 30th Ann. ESB Gauntlets (Pics) #1

    I started doing some serious work on my gauntlets and thought that I would share.

    It is a Man of War Studios 30th Anniversary ESB kit. Here it is right out of the box

    To be honest it's quite intimidating when you first open it up because it has a lot of small parts. My only real complaint so far is the lack of good directions for putting everything together. Everything is well made and fits together nicely though.

    The first thing that you need to do is wash all of the parts in warm soapy water (as per the directions) then start sanding off the excess resin. I used my dremel to cut off the pour channels and fine sanded everything down before I started assembling anything.

    I decided to start on the flamethrower since that had the most parts. I went through everything and separated the parts for the flamethrower.

    Here they are minus the aluminum tubes and the greeblies that go with them

    I began by putting together the back end of the unit. I used JB Kwik epoxy for the whole thing.

    Next I attached the three middle cylinders. When you first get these out of the bag there are big pieces of excess resin that you have to cut off. After you get them trimmed up they fit into slots on the back end piece and the middle piece.

    Test fit to see how it's all going to line up on the back plate.

    The three wires are resin and not attached yet, I'll put those on after all the drilling and attaching is finished since they are attached to the gauntlets and the flamethrower.

    Next I got out the aluminum tubes and greeblies. I attached some before taking pictures and they were kind of a pain to get on, so I left them.

    There are two thick tubes and two skinny tubes that have specific greeblies that go with them.

    Here is the top tube assembly

    I HIGLY recommend putting them all together without any glue and measuring them to make sure you have the right tube with the right part. I assembled them without glue but didn't test measure and I ended up having to modify the bottom tube assembly a bit. I used the wrong skinny tube on the top and it ended up making the bottom tube assembly about an inch too long.

    I discovered this AFTER I had assemble and epoxied the top tube assembly together. I ended up cutting about 3/4 of an inch off of the bottom thick tube to make it look right.

    Here is the bottom tube assembly

    And here it is all together

    And there you have it. Next up I'll be doing the drilling to attach all of this to the gauntlets. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks for looking.
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  3. FettDad is offline FettDad
    Nov 10, 2010, 6:44 PM - Re: MoW 30th Ann. ESB Gauntlets (Pics) #2

    nice work brother! you got a great set of gauntlets there...looking foward to seeing the rest of the build up!

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