Mini Jango

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    Mini Jango

    I always love sewing for the younglings.....

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    Re: Mini Jango

    That's so cute! It's just a shame they'd grow out of it pretty quick.

    Ah, but then they'd have to call you again to make another! Very clever.

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    Re: Mini Jango

    I have planned for some growing room.

    I left 3" of extra material in the hem of the sleeves and in the pants legs. And I made a tuck at the waist that can be opened up later and it will add about 2 inches or a little more, in the torso length.

    I can't wait to see it with armor

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    Re: Mini Jango

    Awww that nice debbi ,i wouldnt mind seeing my lil un in one of your jango costumes.

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    Re: Mini Jango


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    Re: Mini Jango he is!!! little Jango in the several project going on and this is one...gotta get the armor ready (trash can) and other stuff.....Helmet has been the hardest to get. I want something that is size appropriate....the suit and vest is awesome...Deb left room for the arms and legs...great work deb, the suit is gonna look sweet when done...I'll be starting/continuing my thread progress for mini Jango.
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