Mini Fett enquiry

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    Mini Fett enquiry

    Hey Guys

    havent been here for a long time.....

    Ive nearly completed a Mini Sandtrooper costume for my son its a scaled down version of Adult armour

    i was just wondering if there is anything similar regarding Fett armour for kids, ive done a quick search in the search engine and found nothing

    any help appreciated

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    Re: Mini Fett enquiry

    You could use WOF templates scale them down and then use whatever building material you want. I am looking to do this for my son in the near future using the foam pad method.

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    Re: Mini Fett enquiry

    some one has made contact with me saying they can help with child sized armour so i guess this project will be a go ............ more money to spend

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    Re: Mini Fett enquiry

    i could find any where to post this so ive added to this thread ive already started

    is there anyone here who could make me a Child sized Jet Pack it would need to be quite light as my son is only 9, for size reference i have child sized TD back pack which i could measure

    if anyone could help i would really appreciate it

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    Re: Mini Fett enquiry

    can any one help at all ???

    i dont even know where to begin to get a child sized flight suit either

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    Re: Mini Fett enquiry

    What do You think about my project ?

    Now, Milosz (my son) is about 130cm tall and this costume still fits him

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