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    Nov 4, 2010, 9:49 AM - Metal V.S. Fiberglass V.S. Plastic #1

    Hey gang!, i'm new to all this, and i have no idea were to start...
    after having spent a week here, i've learned a lot of really great things, and contacted a few of the sellers to either get quotes or information.
    That being said, i still haven't ordered anything yet because i have no idea what rout to go!

    What, in all your opinions is better? getting the armor in metal,fiberglass or plastic?
    I figured metal would be the best rout, but does it get heavy after a while?
    Fiberglass looks like its really the best quality, and resembles the actual armor most, i like how thick it is too, were as the metal just looks like sheet metal, but i mean, is it solid enough to survive conventions,halloween, bars, etc?
    and i guess plastic is the cheaper way to go...

    also, does any one get problems with certain armors? for example, a metal cod piece seems like the edges may cut in to your leg...but a plastic or fiberglass butt piece sounds as though if you were to sit on a stool a couple of times, it would just crack...

    but honestly, i have no idea, i'm just speculating...

    Has any of you ever bought more then one of these types or armors? and if so a critic would be much appreciated!
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    Nov 4, 2010, 10:26 AM - Re: Metal V.S. Fiberglass V.S. Plastic #2

    my current chest armor is a abs-like pastic, holds up nicely everywhere. I've had it at children's event, in a weird al concert, movie theaters, never had an issue. It looks good and everything. My new chest armor is from wickedbeard who does the armor in metal, and I have his gauntlets which are also metal. Yeah the gaunts have some weight to them, but the quality and durability of them is awesome. Most of the rest of my stuff is Bobamaker, which I believe is fiberglass. Again looks GREAT, durable to a point. My collar armor broke because I brought my arms over my head to the sides and tried to make it bend, bad idea and I learned to always bring my arms up to the front. None of them are dealbreakers as far as weight. If I was you I'd grab a set from a reputable dealer ie: Bobamaker, Wickedbeard, FettPride, and a lot more on this forum. if you don't like it you can re sell and get one you do like.
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    Nov 4, 2010, 3:43 PM - Re: Metal V.S. Fiberglass V.S. Plastic #3

    wow, thanks! that was really helpful.
    i think i'll get different parts here and there as you were saying, like patchwork i guess. and when i find certain things i don't like, i'll try a different medium.
    but as for the gauntlets, would you suggest boba maker's fiberglass? or are you very pleased(despite the weight) or the metal ones? i mean, durability goes a long way right? hit something accidentally, and you get a dent or scratch that just makes it part of the weathering. but how heavy would you say one gauntlet is? 3-4 pounds? and do you ever have trouble, like when your arms are facing downwards, do they start to slide off?
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    Nov 14, 2010, 12:32 PM - Re: Metal V.S. Fiberglass V.S. Plastic #4

    If you are going for the most screen accurate the original stuff was vaccuformed plastic like Fett Prides's. I have both a old set of MLC2 fiberglass armor and FP version 2 plastic the fiberglass is definitely heavier but either would be fine for trooping. You would have to hit either one very very hard to do any damage aside from paint chips. For gauntlets I have MoW version 1 fiber glass. They are a little heavy but again I can't imagine ruffkin or fett pride gauntlets (vaccuformed plastic) being much less sturdy.

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