Metal ESB Flamethrowers

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    Metal ESB Flamethrowers

    With the retirement from PSBeretta, I know atleast for me, the demand for a metal ESB Flamethrower unit is beginning to grow again. If I had any amount of talent with metal or lathing I would have started turning some out, but hence my call, nay, plea for someone to step up and construct some.

    Tim's were phenominal, and with the lack of reference to the real unit, was one of the more accurate ones I have seen. People just arent willing to give theres up anymore. We need some.

    Is there anyone out there that could step up and make some? For all of us ESB'ers out here, please...ALUMINUM WE NEED!

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    Re: Metal ESB Flamethrowers

    I make my own flamethrowers which are pretty much all metal, except for the part that the rods go through.those are wood which I cover with metal sheeting.
    Here is the one on bountys gaunt.The backplate is made from basswood covered in metal.I realize they are not really accurate, but they look cool enough, and close enough IMO.

    If I can find a way to make these a little more quickly, and efficiently I may offer them for sale.That is , if there is enough interest.For right now, i guess this is just a show and tell.

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    Re: Metal ESB Flamethrowers

    I too want a ESB metal flamethrower. I thought Russrep was working with FP a while back to offer some. I spoke to Russ not too long ago and he said it was still in the works. Perhaps if he sees this thread he can provide another update.

    WB, I like what you came up with. Very cool. My preference is 100% metal but I'm open to anything stronger than just resin. I'm using a resin set for now... only a matter of time...

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    Re: Metal ESB Flamethrowers

    I liked Serenity's but the timing was all wrong.

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    Re: Metal ESB Flamethrowers

    Gilmore... have you tried asking Elvistrooper if its something he could do? The work he does is top grade and he's always fair with prices.

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    Re: Metal ESB Flamethrowers

    I haven't seen Kenny on in a while, but I will send him a PM here and there, see if he is able to do any. When did Serenity make some? I don't recall seeing a thread ever.

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