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    Nov 1, 2013, 12:13 AM - Marcus' ESB build WIP (Picture Heavy) #1

    Hello all! Around this time last year, I decided that I wanted to build a Boba Fett Costume for Halloween the next year. Boba had always been my favorite Star Wars Character, and I was thrilled to find that there was such a wealth of information on the subject of creating his costume. I soon bought an Asok CC Budget Boba Helmet (may he rest in peace), and I was off.

    I spent time on the costume throughout that year, learning how to use different tools in the process. Having never before attempted something of this nature, I was excited to be working on my own to create and to build. I was on my own with this costume. My parents were supportive (although skeptical and slightly befuddled) but did not offer me any guidance. I gained valuable experience in being independent: I had to make my own purchases, do my own research, and make my own decisions.

    Halloween approached quickly. Marching band foiled my plan of completing the armor during the summer. Soon it was fall. I had little time left--and I kicked my production into gear. During these last few weeks, I painted all of the armor (only 2 layers each--silver and the top color). My grandmother, mother and I were able to design, and sew a flightsuit. Unfortunately, I was unable to paint the helmet.

    I would like to thank everyone on the forum for their information, redkraydragon for his fantastic armor, Asok (RIP) for being an awesome guy who made awesome helmets, and also for being the best business man with whom I have ever interacted, RafalFett for his awesome stencils, and MOW for the gloves and belt.

    Here are some pictures from the process:
    Attachment 72557Attachment 72558Attachment 72559
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    Nov 1, 2013, 12:19 AM - Re: Marcus' ESB build WIP (Picture Heavy) #2


    I used Humbrol Masking Fluid to create the silver damage. I applied it using a sharp toothpick. For the green armor, I used Rustoleum Satin Spruce Green. I used Valspar gray primer to prime the armor and Rustoleum Metallic Silver for the silver damage. Unfortunately, I had some cracking issues with the silver on the first piece of armor that I painted. I had to sand it down, reprime it, and repaint it.
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    Nov 1, 2013, 12:33 AM - Re: Marcus' ESB build WIP (Picture Heavy) #3

    Here are some pictures from Halloween:

    I am quite pleased with the results, even though it is incomplete.

    Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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