Looking for metal armor

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    Looking for metal armor

    does anyone make armor out of metal? if so please let me know.

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    Re: Looking for metal armor

    never heard of that guy...anyone have references for him? very anxious to know some information on these people...=) that armor looks awesome!

    another option would be wickedbeard here on TDH...his armor is amazing! you can contact him from his profile...here....


    good luck, and would love to see if anyone has bought armor from the previous post's link...cheers!

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    Re: Looking for metal armor

    WICKEDBEARD is definitely your man. Shoot him a PM

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    Re: Looking for metal armor

    i'm going to voice what others have already said, go with wickedbeard. it's expensive, it takes some time to get your parts (but in costuming what doesn't take a while?), but it's worth it.

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