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    Hi all!

    First time poster here so bear with me if I sound a tad rookie'ish. Ive started the journey of making an ESB Fett costume and am wanting it to look the best it possibly can. Ive admittedly been buying stuff from members of this board (TK2280 just made a quick 112.50 for some armor and soon MoW will be making almost 1000 off of me, woof!) but Im trying to cut some costs where I can. I was wondering if anyone knows the best way to make the braids and cape. Materials, colors, best place to get them etc. I'd like to try my hand at at least making SOMETHING in this suit and hey if it doesnt look right the way I look at it I can always head back to the Cargo Hold and buy them (Im looking at you Woodman). Thanks for any pearls of wisdom anyone has!
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    Woodman is your bestfriend his prices are great and his girth belts capes come second to none

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