Little Fett's First Troop!!:D

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    Little Fett's First Troop!!:D

    Hey guys,

    Well, it finally happened.
    This halloween, after three years of work, I finally put on my near-complete ROTJ Boba Fett costume.
    It was a thrilling experience. One little kid dressed as Anakin was purely stunned.

    Now this isn't at all the best BF costume out there, and I'm not the most physically fit guy in America (to say the least);
    I didn't get to attach the back or buttplate, the jumpsuit is getting alittle too small, a stud fell off the codpeice while I was putting it on, and the codpiece itself isn't all that acurate. The armor is made from a trashcan, the helmet was an old custom mando helm from ebay, the boots, flak vest, neckseal, knees, studs, belts, RF are all homemade and the gaunts are Evo props(), and had to be modified extensively. I actually had to use rubber bands at the time to make sure they wouldn't fall off.

    But it was one of the most memorable moments of my young life, and It couldn't have been possible without the massive amounts of help and advice supplied by the good people at TDH.

    Thank you guys; from the bottom of my heart. (sorry to go all Oprah on ya)

    Now at this point the costume is about 80% finished and alot of things need to be replaced or repaired (the rf, gaunts, jumsuit, and blaster).

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails picture-010-jpg   picture-006-jpg   picture-004-jpg  

    picture-013-jpg   picture-007-jpg   picture-008-jpg  

    picture-012-jpg   picture-011-jpg  

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    Re: Little Fett's First Troop!!:D

    3rd pic- EWWWWWWwwww! Sweaty.

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    Re: Little Fett's First Troop!!:D


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    Re: Little Fett's First Troop!!:D

    I must have missed this when you posted it.

    Young man you should be proud. You have made it farther than many who attempt this. I won't critique the suit since you have already done that. Glad you had a great Halloween and I am sure you will begin to upgrade now that you have one troop down.

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    Re: Little Fett's First Troop!!:D

    Good job, man! You should be really proud. Did you do any of the painting? Tell us about the blaster.

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    Re: Little Fett's First Troop!!:D

    Hey LittleFett! One troop down - hundreds to go (thousands, even?) Seeing how great your costume is coming together at your young age makes me wish I would've started my own Fett journey much younger! Looking good - keep tweaking!

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    Re: Little Fett's First Troop!!:D

    Thank you for replying!

    I did all the painting and weathering myself, except for the gauntlet rocket (woodman was kind enough to paint that for me).
    The blaster (the part of the costume I'm least proud of) was made from a model revolver with a peice of 1 1/2" pvc over the barrel, a homemade wooden stock, some balsa wood rails, and a scope made of pvc fittings.
    I'm currently on the lookout for an actual webley cast.
    If I can dig up some pics, I'll post them!

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Little Fett's First Troop!!:D

    Hey LittleFett! Awesome job on your costume! we hope to see more to come!

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    Re: Little Fett's First Troop!!:D

    I think it looks great! You should be proud.

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