Light on Jet Pack

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    Light on Jetpack

    does anyone know what exactly is the function of that light on the jet pack? and has anyone actually put it on their replicas?

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    Re: Light on Jetpack

    I believe it's a beacon of some sort. I have seen a few packs out there with an upgraded version to allow a spot for a red LED
    my pack doesn't have it, but now I wish I had took the time to cut out all the areas on it to install one.

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    Re: Light on Jetpack

    I have it on mine.

    Here's the real deal...

    As far as "function"...?

    It looks cool. That's about all there is to it. Just a way for the prop guys to make this imaginary jet pack look functional on screen.

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    Re: Light on Jetpack

    I always thought that light was the same as Lukes lamp on Dagobah.
    Looks real similar.(on the esb version)

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    Re: Light on Jetpack

    its something extra we have to make

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