Ladysewforus Flightsuit

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    Ladysewforus Flightsuit

    Today, I received my flightsuit from Lady (Debbi). This is a high quality, accurate flightsuit. The material is very soft, yet feels very durable. The measurements and fit are perfect. The quality of the workmanship is some of the best I have seen. I have another flightsuit that in no way compares to the quality of Lady's.

    She is a pleasure to deal with. She is polite and professional and gives consistent updates. The suit was delivered when it was promised. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Lady. Kudo's to you.


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    Re: Ladysewforus Flightsuit

    Thank you very much Andrew!!

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    Re: Ladysewforus Flightsuit

    yes, i've sent a PM to Debbi regarding the jumpsuit...

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    Re: Ladysewforus Flightsuit

    Hello All,

    I have compiled a waiting list and I am up to 22 on the "to do" list. I just thought I should make a post to let everyone know that our ability to make suits is very limited, because we, my friend Carole, and I both have full time jobs and we do this in our free time. The holidays are upon us now which will limit our sewing time even further. If you are on the list already, I will contact you again when we have reached your name. I will not be able to take any more requests now.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Ladysewforus Flightsuit

    any pics of your suit?

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    Re: Ladysewforus Flightsuit

    ..for pics, look for Ladysewforus on photobucket...

    I can also say that the soft parts are excellant of what I got... absolutely beautiful...

    Debbi and Carole are a wonder to communicate with, and are very proffesional in sorting out the costumes, and any problems, minor or major, that can arrise. My hat is off to you ladies.

    I reccommend that anyone who doesnt need their costume right away, put your orders down with Lady Sewforus... Its worth any wait...

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    Re: Ladysewforus Flightsuit

    I do have pics on my Ladysewforus photobucket account, but I cannot take any more orders right now.

    Thank you everyone!

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