Knee armor build

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    Knee armor build

    This is my work in progress of my Knee Armor using Wizard of Flight’s templates. Alan, once again, I have to say “Thank You!” for all of your work on making templates.
    I decided to make one template by connecting the backing pieces, on Page 2 of WOF’s templates, together and taping Kneecap 1 on top of them. I then cut the entire thing out of some thick sintra. I heated the sintra in an oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit than used the jig to shape it. I cut the jig out of thick cardboard. You can see the end result here. It is the gray and white one, on the left. in the pictures.
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    Re: Knee armor build

    Next I cut out the big “F” shaped pieces, the kneecaps, and the knee dart backing plates from a For Sale sign. I used superglue to glue them to the backing piece. I then glued kneecap #2 to kneecap #1. I had a little trouble fitting the Kneecap 1 and 2 pieces together. I anchored the corners, but then I had a gap in the middle. I filled the gap with PC-7 (two part black and grey epoxy). This filled in nicely and strengthened the Kneecap pieces as well. I plan to use the same process for gluing kneecap #3 to #2. The PC-7 bonds well, spreads like bondo and can be sanded. It is as hard as a rock once it cures. I put it on the inside, so it would not show.
    I’ll post more later as I make progress. Input is welcome, as always.
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