Kids Flight suits?????

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    Kids Flight suits?????

    I'm in the process of building a Boba (ROTJ) for my 9yr son and have hit a brick wall in relation to finding a flight suit. I remember ages ago they were on sale on fleabay but cannot for the life of me find these dam things. I keep getting searches for those BAD complete suits.
    Anyone know where else I can grab one from? Or anyone make them?

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    Re: Kids Flight suits?????

    Hello, I too am trying to make a Fett costume for my Son, I also keep running into that molded one piece costume. I recently saw a posting either on here or the 501'st main site on some one who males custome suits but dont remember if they made kid sizes. if I find the thread I will post it here.

    Have you found any luck sence posting this, if So could you through me a link, I am also looking for a kids helmet


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    Re: Kids Flight suits?????

    About the helmet try the hasbro one. Its great and it takes good weathering.

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