Kids Fett armour/helmet

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    Kids Fett armour/helmet

    hi everyone

    does anyone know of a good source for a kids Fett armour and helmet....its proving hard work to source the materials and i have a very nagging 7yr old

    cost isnt really an issue as long as its right

    look forward to the replies

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    Re: Kids Fett armour/helmet

    send a PM to ONE END and see if he is making any right now. Here is my 7 year old trying hers on. I am working on painting it now

    Uploaded with

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    Re: Kids Fett armour/helmet

    I also have this problem - BF costume for the son. I started the work on the costume in the October.
    I will do silicone molds to all parts (in July, I suppose)
    Look sometimes to my link:

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