Just HAVE to ask

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    Just HAVE to ask

    Does anyone have any screen shots or other screen accurate pics, that have the pleated belt detail visibly showing on the Boba or Jango flightsuits? I have yet to see it, but it seems that people have wanted it.

    Can you all please comment about why people want the pleated belt detail and where the idea comes from?

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    Re: Just HAVE to ask

    Hei, go to:


    user: tdhmember

    pass: ilovetdh

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    Re: Just HAVE to ask

    So, have you seen the pleated belt detail?

    I will try to look around there, but it is such a HUGE place.
    I have to admit I have hesitated because of how much time it would take.
    And because I would get "lost in Fett"

    If you don't hear from me in a few days, send it a search party, pleeasseee.

    Thanks for the link!

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