Jumpsuit Planning Sketch

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    Jumpsuit Planning Sketch

    [font=Times New Roman]I have started work on planning my Jumpsuit and put together this sketch to make sure I capture all of the relevant details. Take a look and let me know what you think.[/font]

    [font=Times New Roman] [/font]

    [font=Times New Roman]Alan[/font]

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    Re: Jumpsuit Planning Sketch

    Looks pretty good to me.

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    Re: Jumpsuit Planning Sketch

    hm, thats rotj style right?

    otherwise, if it's supposed to be ESB, lose the enkel spats, and the 2 belt pouches should both be left sided in stichin detail.

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    Re: Jumpsuit Planning Sketch

    [font='Times New Roman'][font=Arial]Thanks for the feedback. I like symmetry so I am going with the ROTJ version.[/font][/font]

    [font='Times New Roman'][font=Arial][/font][/font]
    [font='Times New Roman'][font=Arial]Alan[/font][/font]

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    Re: Jumpsuit Planning Sketch

    show pics when it done, see how it turned out.

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    Re: Jumpsuit Planning Sketch

    Don't forget that the collar that looks like part of the vest in many pics is actually on the jumpsuit.

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    Re: Jumpsuit Planning Sketch

    [font=Arial]I recommend a double zipper that opens from top and bottom so you can go to the little bounty hunters room without tacking off all of your armor. [/font]

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