jumpsuit help!!!

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    jumpsuit help!!!

    OK! Halloween is slowly creeping up and i cannot find a flight suit i have looked everywhere to no avail!!! So does anyone know where i can get one? i do not have the time to make one. or does anyone know any alternatives to a flight suit?

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    Re: jumpsuit help!!!

    hey bro, I purchased mine from an automotive clothing company. I paid around $26.00 plus shipping. You need to make sure though, if you are planning on dying it, that you purchase 100% cotton. I ended up with three different jumpsuits because the I got a poly/cotton blend. I could not change the fabric. (There are threads about this subject) But the suits are pretty affordable on this website, and you can pay an extra $11.00 for quicker delivery.



    This second website also has the "Red Cap" coveralls, not sure on price cause I didn't look. Hope this helps, it will work in a pinch.


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    Re: jumpsuit help!!!

    thank you so much i guess I will break down and order one online i just didnt feel like dropping 45$ on one...

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