Jet Pack pieces

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    Jetpack pieces

    hi everyone im trying to make the jet pack cause its to much to buy and i was wondering how i can get the pieces like i need cone pieces for the rocket and the for the booster? Can anyone help me with this?

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    Re: Jetpack pieces

    Try looking under the jet pack forum, everything you need should be in there.
    I'm not bothering with one myself so I wouldn't know sorry.

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    Re: Jetpack pieces

    Here are my blueprints that you might find helpful.


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    Re: Jetpack pieces

    You can find everyday objects to make your jet pack. Funnels, lids, etc. I believe glade air fresheners for the jets. Go to second hand stores. Once you actually start looking for pieces you will see them everywhere and start to be a pack rat of potential junk.

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    Re: Jetpack pieces

    Check out this site: pack.htm

    It outlines what pieces to use to create the rocket and thrusters.

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