Jet Pack materials questions

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    Jetpack materials questions

    OK, so I'm looking at starting the jet pack soon, but I'm not sure what material to use. The "For Sale" signs seem too flimsy, medium density fiberboard won't bend and 3mm Sintra didn't work out too well for my helmet, so I'm not sure I can use it on the jet pack. Maybe some type of cardboard or something? I've got ZERO experience with fiberglass and resin. Some experience with Bondo.

    I'm open to suggestions.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Re: Jetpack materials questions

    Personally I use 3mm sintra for just about everything when building.......what problems do you have with it? I think it's the best medium to work with and it's soooo light!


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    Re: Jetpack materials questions

    I like the 3mm for my body armor. That worked like a charm.

    When I used the 3mm sintra for my helmet, the helmet came out too small. I think the templates were designed for thinner material like 1mm or thin posterboard.

    How do I compensate for the thicker material?

    Do I need to print the templates at 102% or 105% or what size?

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    Re: Jetpack materials questions

    On the helmet I'm working on now, I printed out the templates to match tk409's measurements (as close as possible). It was bigger than the standard 100 % but I can't remember exactly what I enlarged them to.
    It was basically trial and error till I got it right. I printed only the cheek template till it was exactly 122mm wide at it's base and applied that increase in size to the rest of the templates.
    Lemme know if I can help you out any.


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    Re: Jetpack materials questions

    I used 3mm sintra for my scratchbuilt pack (incomplete thus far). Since the majority of the surfaces are relatively flat or planar, I'd agree the sign plastic would be too flimsy. Mine turned out pretty rugged. As for the tanks, I happened upon pvc pipes of an appropriate size, the only problem then is figuring out how to cap them off.

    (For pics of mine so you can see what I'm talking about, see

    Are you doing a complete scratch build or are you using someone's templates or tutorial?

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    Re: Jetpack materials questions

    I'm using WOF's templates for the jet pack, but am having some trouble understanding how it all fits together.

    I'm making a mock-up from newspaper board first, like Honus did, to get an idea of how all the parts fit together.

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