It's been a while

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    It's been a while

    It's been about a year, but I finally graduated from my Special Effects degree with a first and now have lots of time to do various bits and pieces. I am also employed by an armourer and prop makers here in the UK so I get to do what I love for work and play. Anyway, here's Boba after about a year and he's coming along nicely. Still lots to do. Let me know your thoughts!

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    Re: It's been a while

    Update: I have painted up the crotch and buttplates. A while ago I played COD, and although I hate those games, on one of the loading screens was a Juggernaut with Get Some written on his crotch. So I stenciled that in Mandalorian on my Boba's crotch. I thought it was quite fitting. Also, fitted some ABS tubing to make the knee darts as opposed to ally machining as it's very much out of my price range. One day I'd love to get a mini lathe though! Pictures soon

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