Hey gang, I've spent a couple days trying to find a buckle. A local scuba place wants me to come in on thursday and take a look at the buckles they have available that are blank. If I find the correct look and size, I will then get them lazer engraved with the proper font and position of the vintage stamp. I strongly feel that this will turn out very well. This is probably what I will do for my own Fett set up. So I am posting this to see if anyone out there would be interested in a Replica US Divers Co Weight Buckle. I have NO idea about the price right now, I do have an average for the buckle sold one unit at a time retail. That price will drop if we can order in a batch. I wish I had more of an idea on what the engraving would cost. Basically I would like to get us all a buckle for $40 or less, which I think is very possible. If engraving works the way I think it does, then there will be a set-up fee, and then a price per unit fee. Let me know if you guys and gals are interested, the more the better. I found a buckle on ebay for over $70.. that's just way too much to let go of when you have a lot of other more expensive parts to worry about Now, if I had it my way, these buckles would cost $30 shipped. So that is my goal and we shall see what I can come up with. Peace